During 25 jears in a salaried position in the power plant business, I became a comprehensive and detailed treasure trove of experience in this occupational field. Therefore, I am able to propose succesfully my engineering services on freelancing base. My service area comprises steam generation, mechanical part, process, environmental, fuel supply, disposal of residuals and water treatment.

Up to now I was acting for companies like RWE, Siemens, MAN Ferrostaal, Steag, Standard Fasel, emc Germany (Standardkessel group) and several municipal utility (respectively public services).

My service area, both at home in Germany and abroad, my service comprises preperations of request for proposals, engineering, support during award of contracts, production supervision and expediting, expediting of quality assurance / quality control, expediting of erection, expediting of commissioning, efficiency improvement and trouble shooting of existing power plants and/or their components.

I understand working in national and international installed power plants as a challenge. Beside my experience in european countries, my worldwide activities have fundamentally opened and characterized my view with respect to different social graces of respective cultures in the business as well as in the human domain.

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